About Culinary Kisses

Welcome to the Culinary Kisses blog. Here you will find our unique recipes, our food ideas and facts, and our restaurant reviews. We hope you enjoy our contribution to the fascinating world of everything culinary.

Culinary Kisses is here to teach anyone how to shop, cook, eat and live healthy. We meet you where you are to help you succeed at your next level of wellness. We offer a number of services including on-line cooking classes themed cooking parties, and private cooking lessons. Visit http://www.CulinaryKisses.com for a complete list of services.

About Us:

We are a group of culinary professionals who share the love of delicious food and the knowledge of good nutrition. We believe that all healthy food is tasty food if prepared the right way.

We also have a knowledge of gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, vegetarian, and vegan cuisine preparation.

We have educated staff who specialize in diets for those with diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and a number of other ailments. Although we can never guarantee that the proper diet and nutrition will heal you, there is always a benefit to healthy eating.

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About the CEO:

Angela has been cooking since the age of 6 and baking since she was 8 yrs old. I guess you can say she was “born to cook.” Her mom was a cook & her dad a chef at a restaurant in Grand Blanc. That’s where her parents met and the rest (as they say) is history. Her dad went on to open his own restaurants and develop mouth-watering recipes. And her mom continues to cook and bake to this day. Not only was Angela a product of a grand culinary creation, but she also spent half of her childhood on a family farm. That experience led her to have a great appreciation and understanding of how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

As an adult, she’s practiced and learned how to prepare dishes of various cultures and origins. Angela is a self-proclaimed foodie extremist who loves (and cooks) all kinds of foods including Mexican, Italian, Creole, French, Asian, Southern, Greek, Indian, and African. She is always thinking about how she can “create” a new culinary masterpiece. She also loves taking foods people don’t like and creating a dish that they love (while making it healthy too). All of this has led Angela to retire her 25-yr modeling career (“From the Catwalk”) and start her own cooking company known as Culinary Kisses (“to the Kitchen”). It consists of food consulting, cooking lessons, healthy recipes, cooking demonstrations, a weight loss program, and soon-to-be cookbooks, kitchen accessories, and a line of fashionable designer aprons.

Angela is also the Senior Program Assistant & Culinary Educator for Whole Cities Foundation (a Whole Foods Market foundation).